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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Book Thief

The book that I most recently finished is called The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.  It was recommended to me by my friend Bekka Besich (thanks Bekka!) and I really liked it.  Did I love it? Well it wasn't any type of Hunger Games or anything...but yes I read all 500 and something pages and do not regret it.  It is a sad book, so brace yourself.  The beginning is kind of weird too because it takes you a while to figure out that "Death" is narrating the whole story which was confusing at first.

Do I recommend this book?  OF COURSE! I balled my eyes out the whole last 30 pages...literally balling. Like I was telling my mom, if Kade wasn't in the room I would have been sobbing.  Kade was a factor because he just laughs when I cry over books and movies and it totally ruins the mood of the story.  It's hard to tell really if it was THAT sad because the time of the month I finished it always makes my tear ducts a little whimpier.  But it was really good and I highly recommend it.  I especially liked it because the characters are so lovable and it had a great uplifting message.

Best part:  great message/moral
Worst part: had some bag language.  Not a lot...but enough that it bothered me

Brief Summary: Nazi Germany.  Main characters are German, except for one Jewish man- story of a girl who experiences the life of a poor family until Hitler's rule.

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