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Thursday, September 23, 2010

& Reads Books?

You might be wondering about the new addition to my blog title...let me explain

The other day I was talking to my dear mother and she suggested I post the books I have been reading on here because I have been reading so many good ones lately.  I do not know why all of a sudden I have picked up on reading as my new favorite hobby, but I'm sure you can all guess that it has something to do with the immense amount of down time I have had lately and my innate desire to be lazy.  Time + Laziness = Reading :)

So I decided to combine my two favorite loves into one giant togetherness of what I would recommend to those I love...YES YOU! (unless you are a stranger- then welcome to my blog!)

Please also note that I really want any suggestions for recipes or good books from anyone, so feel free to post them here.  Or even if you don't have the time to try a recipe that has the potential of being a disaster - give it to me to try! (but don't tell Kade that I'm encouraging a possible kitchen disaster)

Also I added a cool feature to the left which allows you all to vote on what I should make next.  If I'm being realistic....I will probably end up making all of them...but just something fun and motivating to what I should make next.

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