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Monday, November 22, 2010

Hamburger Buns

What is better than homemade?  Homemade always means better.  And yes there is no exception when it comes to homemade hamburger buns.  This is a really simple bread recipe and they are so worth it.  I'm not much a burger person...but they are great for chicken sandwiches, shredded pork sandwiches....or just eating plain with some butter and honey.  Hamburger Buns

I didn't have seseme seeds, but I did have I coated the bottom of the pan with it so it would stick to the bottom of the buns.  Mine didn't really look like the ones from the website I got them from...but they were still SO good.  It's what is on the inside that counts right??

My only tip is that they rise quickly, so watch them or else they will be HUGE.  As you can see here, the burger is barely visable...and this is even one of the smaller buns. 

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