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Monday, November 22, 2010

New York Cheesecake

Sorry for the lack of entries I have posted on here lately.  I have to write two different 15 page papers before the end of the semester, so cooking or reading are not my priorities.  I did find a couple minutes here at work to be able to post some older pictures I just haven't had time to post yet. 

So a couple weeks ago, one of the young women in my ward, Hadley, came over and helped me make cheesecake.  It was my second attempt at cheesecake and I was again a little nervous because so many people say it's easy to mess up.  Well...let me tell you!  It's not easy to mess up!  We followed the basic recipe and even added a little twist of our own and it came out great! 

Here is the recipe that we used New York Cheesecake , and our own twist included:
Hadley being a perfectionist with her crust
and chocolate/peanut butter mixture
-oreos for the crust
-double amount of crust (because it's the best part) - go slow when adding the butter though because we used too much and the crust was rock hard.  still good- just hard. 
-melted chocolate chips with peanut butter on the bottom (before putting in the cheesecake batter)
-the last 15 min. or so I just turned the oven off so it could start cooling.  letting the cheesecake heat and cool SLOWLY is key (or at least that's what everyone says)

Cheesecake Batter

 Other than that we just followed the recipe...SO GOOD!  and super easy

Final Product...YUM

Can't keep a cheesecake all to yourself, here is everyone enjoying our masterpiece =) 

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