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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mini Pizzas

This was how the conversation went:

Husband: There is nothing to eat
Me: Just find something
Husband:  I can't, I already looked
Me: Well I'm having a quesadilla, do you want that?
Husband: No
Me:  Well you can have a grilled cheese, mac & cheese, or tortilla & cheese, what'll it be
Husband:  I'll just have Mi Goreng (this is his last resort super not good for you almost like top ramen but really less healthy choice that he had a lot on his mission and he knows I don't like him eating it so I'll find him something else- why do I give in?  I'm just a sucker)
Me: Fine, I'll make you something
Husband: There really is nothing to eat, I looked
Me: I know babe, it's so hard

Then I proceed to pull out the pepperonis and mozerella and old sandwich rolls from the freezer along with the spaghettic sauce from the fridge. 

Husband:  Mini Pizzas?!?
Me: Yup
Husband: Yes! I even have jalepenos!
Me: Cool
Husband: You're the best wife
Me: Yeah, whatever

And that is usually how weekday nights go when I don't have anything planned for dinner.  I'm pretty easily satisfied with something super quick, but Kade needs "something hardy".  I guess it is preparing me for motherhood when I'll have to put together quick meals all the time.  So I'm grateful?

Anyway, the only tip I have when making these are to put the pepperonis on the bottom, or the cheese if you don't have pepperonis- that way the sauce doesn't make the bread soggy.  We also toast the bread a little before baking it.  Then we broil it for however long it takes to be golden on top...not long!

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