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Monday, January 24, 2011

Orzo & Veggie Weggies

This recipe originally has chicken in it and no it's not called "veggie weggies" (that was my creative mind coming full speed at ya), but I like to leave the meat out of some dishes so I don't feel overly carnivorous.  Don't you hate it when you feel overly carnivorous??

Anyway this recipe was found on Annie's of my favorite blogs (until it's recent makeover).

This was surprisingly good and I found that I had most of the ingredients on hand and it was pretty easy.  Orzo pasta looks like rice, but is actually pasta and I found it at Frys...although I had to do a little searching.  You can use any pasta though. 

I'm still not over chunks of tomatoes, so as you can see my dish has none.  I pureed my can of tomatoes and I also added green beans.  You can throw in whatever vegetables you have on hand.  Yum Yum!

I made this the other night along with these rolls

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  1. Must curb the carnivore in me. Must make this asap.


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