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Monday, January 24, 2011


Since I have been getting my Bountiful Basket, I have been making smoothies like it's my job to get rid of all the fruit I get before it goes bad and it's a much more enjoyable way of getting all my fruity nutrients than just a plain old apple every day. 

Smoothies are the best because you can really put anything in them.  I have used:
- blackberries (seedy, but makes it look pretty)
- kiwi
- oranges
- grapefruit (good in the morning because the tartness wakes you up a bit)
- pears
- apples
- juices of all kinds
- banana
- strawberries
- pineapple

- tomatoes
- lettuce

Other things I want to try:
- carrots
- spinach
- some type of grain or nut (my current blender is not hefty enough for that)
- peaches (they tend to overpower other flavors so I don't know how that will turn out)

Throwing some vegetables in there is a good way to get your dose of veggies in without the little kid feeling of "do I have to?"  My husband didn't even know I put any veggies in until I told him after he drank it all.  Tricked ya!

I always add about a tsp. of vanilla to give it that ice cream flavor...without the fat or calories and I also add a little honey to make it sweet because without it the flavor is a little bland (depending on what you use). 

Then of course...LOTS OF ICE!

If you have a favorite combination or any other suggestions on what I can use please send them my way =)

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