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Monday, March 21, 2011

Just Good Bread

This is my mom's bread that she has been making ever since I can remember.  Nothing is better than warm fresh baked bread with a little butter and honey.  I like this recipe because it combines white and wheat flour along with oats.  The final product is soft, but still hardy and healthy.


-       2 Tbsp. dry yeast
-       5 cups warm tap water
-       2 Tbsp. salt
-       2/3 cup oil
-       2/3 cup honey or sugar
-       4 cups oats
-       2 cups wheat flour
-       6 cups white bread flour
-       ¾ cup powdered milk
*can omit and use scalded (barely boiling) milk for water, let cool to luke warm before adding yeast.

-       In large bowl combine yeast, water, honey, and oil. Let stand 5 min.
-       Measure in 4 cups oats, 2 cups wheat, 2 cups white, salt, and milk.
-       Mix with bread mixer until blended
-       Add remaining flour. (add white flour as necessary to get dough to not stick to sides) 
-       Knead for 6 minutes until consistency of cookie dough.
-       Put in oiled bowl and let rise until double.
-       Grease hands, knead down and shape into 4 loaves.
-       Place in 8½ x4 greased pans
-       Cover with damp cloth and let rise until 1”-2” above pan.
-       Bake at 350 for 35-45 minutes, darker than golden brown.
-       Brush tops with butter, lay on side to cool.

**I usually HALF the recipe because it makes like 4 loaves I think and we never eat that many. I usually break it down into one big loaf and two mini loaves.  
**Also you can make it mostly wheat and it's still good.  I haven't tried all wheat flour yet though- might be too dense and not as soft.  Good luck! 
**I don't use active dry yeast, I use instant yeast so I don't "let stand 5 min" in the beginning and I add my yeast to the dry ingredients instead of the wet.  Along with this, I only let it rise once...I skip the first rise because it's instant yeast.  Easy!

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