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Friday, September 30, 2011

Clone of a Cinnabon

I know you might be asking..."Where has this recipe been all my life??" I ask myself that question every day that passes by and I do not have these in my mouth.

I have been making these for months and besides my first attempt which was a catastrophe that ended up only being a catastrophe because I threw away the dough that I THOUGHT I had made wrong (which of course was accompanied by many tears of frustration because I was making these late at night for Kade's birthday breakfast), but when making it again right after I realized I did not make it wrong the first time and got the original dough out of the trash (still good) and made a double batch...bonus! =)

So you should make these awesome cinnamon rolls, which in many people's opinion are even better than suck it Cinnabon

Here is the original recipe and here are the changes I made and my own recommendations...

*For the cinnamon/sugar combo for the inside of the rolls DO NOT MELT THE BUTTER.  This makes all the juicy goodness melt to the bottom of the rolls when they are cooking.  Just make sure your butter is soft enough to mold.

*Also for the cinnamon/sugar combo I follow the review that says to combine the cinnamon, sugar, and butter BEFORE spreading it on the dough, so I mix all three into a thick paste and use my hands to spread across dough (easier said than done, but stick with it and it will spread)

*Something I am still trying to figure out is why sometimes my frosting has little white chunks in it and while talking to my friend we have deduced it has to do with the powdered sugar.  I think the solution is to make sure to sift your powdered sugar before making the frosting because the chunks won't go away with extra mixing and they don't melt.

 *I cook the rolls at 350 degrees instead of 400 for 25 minutes and I cover with foil the last 5 minutes.

On the link for the recipe the first review says how to make them without a bread machine and I go one step further and use my all time favorite RAPID RISE YEAST and mix the yeast with all the dry ingredients, so it only has to rise once (after I shape the rolls).  If you let them rise too long though they will come out airy and doughy, so keep an eye on them.

They sound complicated, but they really aren't and they are SO worth it!  You can even cut the slices smaller to make more rolls, just make sure to watch them while they are baking because it will take less time. 


  1. I need these again, please. (RANDY)

  2. I LOVE that you "got the dough out of the trash". That's the first time I've ever heard that phrase related to all things culinary. You are hilarious. But I take your treats very seriously. Fantastic. Only how do you stay so thin?


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