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Friday, September 30, 2011

Used and Abused

My Beloved Blogspot,

Sorry for abandoning you for so long and leaving you empty and alone.  Sorry for not updating you with delicious delicacies and page turning novels.  Will you take me back?  I promise to update you often and fill your screen with wanna-be professional but really pathetic pictures of my kitchen creations.  I promise to read both day and night to keep your wanting heart filled with recommendable books.

....Please forgive me I know not what I do. Please forgive me I can't stop lovin' you. Don't deny me, this pain I'm going through. Please forgive me if I need ya like I do. Please believe me, every word I say is true. Please forgive me I can't stop loving you.



  1. Carlie! I didn't know you were posting again! So glad I checked. I think your blog forgives you, as do your get some healthy recipes on here stat, I've been in such a lull with my cooking lately and I need ideas!

    Love you!

  2. Love the sad face pic. And now thank you very much I am dying for a cinnamon roll and a homemade twix and it's 10:45pm and I have nothing! Tomorrow baby it's on though b/c I have R.S. cheesecake coming my way.


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