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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Black Bean Burgers

Am I in love with this recipe?  Not yet, but it was definitely a good addition to my recipe book because it helps to change things up a bit and it's a good way to get protein without having to eat meat.  I think the reason I didn't love these burgers is because I didn't add enough beans and so they were kind of mushy.  I didn't have enough in the cupboard and so instead of waiting, I just went for it and mushy black bean burgers :) 
The flavor was really good and I will attempt to make these again in the future and actually follow the recipe.  The buns are always awesome and adding the grilled peppers and cheese definitely completed the whole sandwich.  
Let me know if you have success making these by following the recipe exactly, if not you can do what I did and I just cooked all the burger mixture like ground beef and put it in burritos...still delicious!

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