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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Milk...Good or Bad?

As a soon to be mom I have taken a big interest in nutrition because I will be the primary decision maker of Cedar's diet and want to do my best to keep her healthy

My first question is " it good for you or bad for you?"

A few people I know suggest that it's good for you as long as you are not lactose intolerant, which I can see making sense.

Some other people I know suggest that only RAW milk is good for you because it hasn't been through all the pasteurization processes and it's simply how God made it...which I can see also making sense. 

Another suggestion is that it's really not logical to be drinking milk because cows milk is made for cow babies (it provides the necessary nutrients to build a cow...not a person).  We wouldn't drink cat milk because "that's weird", but is it really weirder than drinking cow milk? Along this same idea is that fact that human's don't produce the necessary enzyme to break down lactose after we become a couple years did God only make our bodies to drink breast milk for a year or two and then be done?

Some of the older generations suggest that "I've drank milk my whole life and I'm fine" which is also a valid argument, so maybe I shouldn't worry about it.

As an avid milk drinker, I am curious to see what everyone's opinions on the matter are?  Right now I'm more convinced by the logical reasoning of..."why are we drinking 'breast' milk from another animal...especially if our bodies don't even make the necessary enzyme to break it down?"

My current answer: because it tastes good =)  But is that a good enough reason to give it to Cedar and risk all the health problems that research has shown are associated with milk? 

Along the lines of milk...Chocolate milk brings up another issue.  My friend learned in his nutrition class that to make chocolate milk (sold in the stores, not make at home) they use the chocolate coloring to cover up excess amounts of blood in the milk causing it to not be as white?? I don't know how true this is...but gross.

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  1. Milk contains calcium which our bodies need. Milk turns into butter, ice cream, sour cream, cheese, yogurt. All of which is trying to help us get calcium and other vitamins which our bodies use to make us have strong bones.
    I recently milked a cow. It might have been the 2nd time in my whole life, maybe my first time. It was weird. I was expecting- get back to old time sake, up close with nature, and an new experience. It felt more like, I am touching another animal's breast and overall mammally. It was similar to pumping with the mom having 'let down' from all teats at once, similar to pumping.
    And what I felt sad about was her baby calf wasn't allowed to be in the same pen b/c the mother made too much milk (they raised her as a dairy cow) and so if the baby was in the same pen she would drink too much milk and it would kill her. Sad! We separate mom and baby so we can leach from the mom.
    Calcium surely has to be able to come from somewhere else. But it wouldn't be the same to not have milk in my cereal


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