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Friday, March 16, 2012


Ohhhh the Babywise books.  We have all heard about them and to be honest I related it to Twilight;  people rave about it so much that you are sick of it before you get a chance to read it.  But just like Twilight, I wanted to see why everyone was making such a big deal about this book.  It helped that I had a crying baby that I wanted to sleep =)

The book is supposed to be a tool to help your baby sleep better and is based off of a schedule of feeding, playing, then sleeping.

I was surprised after reading this that Cedar was already on that schedule, so there wasn't much I could apply.  The one thing I found helpful as a new mom, was the idea that I shouldn't be rocking my baby to sleep every time she went down for a nap or down for the night.  Both Kade and I had been rocking her to sleep and then slowly, as if carrying a bomb, would lay her down in her crib.  Then we would wait breathlessly to see if we set the bomb off or not.  Sometimes we would be successful...and sometimes the bomb would explode and we would pick her up and start all over again.  This was controlling my life and taking so much of my time.

Babywise taught me that I need to let my baby learn to self-soothe and that in doing so, I was really helping them to sleep better.  I could see the logic behind it, but I wasn't going to be the heartless mom who let their baby "cry it out"...or so I thought.

After weeks of spending 45 minutes rocking Cedar to sleep, I decided to give the "cry out" method a try, telling myself I would only let her cry for a couple minutes the first day and then pick her up and maybe try a little longer the next time.  To my surprise though, she fell asleep that first time after only crying for like 5 minutes!  SHE WAS SLEEPING!  I was thrilled and had so much more time to do what I wanted.  Did it work continually after that?  No...there definitely have been times where I have needed to rock her or when she cries for a while longer, but now I can say she pretty frequently goes to sleep on her own...NO CRYING!

I don't just swaddle her up and put her in her crib...I rock with her for a couple minutes to let her body relax and to just enjoy some cuddle time.  Then before she is even close to falling asleep, I put her in her crib.

Hello more time!  Hello life back!  Hello sleeping baby! 

Was this book the answer to all my questions?  No.
Did I agree with everything in it? No.
Did it give me some helpful ideas? Yes.

So I recommend it to new moms and I suggest you take from it what will work for you and be FLEXIBLE.  Following it exactly I've heard can cause problems (not feeding your baby because it's not "time", trying to make your baby sleep when they aren't tired...etc.)


  1. Amen-- to ticking time bomb, taking over my life. Amen-- to the glory of baby asleep w/out it taking forever and them learning to do that is a skill to develop. Amen-- to the book review.
    You go mama!

  2. Hmmmm... I still have to think about this one, albeit a well written and thoughtful review (and lots of great stuff on your blog, why haven't you told me? I thought I looked like 2 weeks ago and it was still a post from before you had Cedar!) Anyway, I'm more mad that you lied to me! I asked you what your magic trick was for Cedar sleeping and you said you didn't have one! Okay I hope we can talk more about this one soon, probably via long-winded emails that keep me up way past my bedtime:) Love you!


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