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Monday, March 19, 2012


3. No matter how OCD your husband is about cleaning...your house will smell like old milk. Or more like your nose will be permanently saturated with the smell. Yesterday I made a smoothie and while I was drinking it thought..."This smells like Cedar's diapers". I proceeded to bring some to Kade who quickly asked, "Why does it smell like poop?" I pretended I did not know what he was talking about. Today I let a burp come out the other end and Kade sighed, "Cedar I just changed you." I fessed up that it was me and we both admitted our amazement that we, as a family, smell like digested breast milk.  It doesn't help that Cedar spits up like a maniac and so our bed, couches, pillows, carpet, blankets, and chairs have a nice shiny new coat of spit up applied regularly.  And no candles don't help. 

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  1. You are hilarious, love these posts. Amen, I am totally sensitive to smell so this drives me insane! And I feel like other people just don't get it! I can only imagine the spit-up drives you guys crazy, Mr. and Mrs. mess-haters.


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