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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

TIWIK BIBAM: Swaddling Blankets

Don't buy any other swaddling blankets except the Aden & Anais ones.  I only found this out after my shelves were already stocked with about 15 other swaddling blankets (which I now only use for burp rags).  I bought the 4 pack at Target and haven't needed anymore because Cedar spits up on so much stuff,  I am doing laundry every other day.  If you want 8- you can get different prints at Buy Buy Baby and I'm sure other places.  I have only seen the one print in Target stores, but they have different prints online. 

They are a little stretchy and so you can really swaddle your baby nice and snug.
They aren't too thick, so your baby isn't sweating when he/she wakes up (they are breathable).  I have learned that flannel blankets don't let any of Cedar's body heat out, so she gets too hot while sleeping.
They are big, so your baby doesn't grow out of them when he/she is 6 months (my friend has a 1yr old that she still "swaddles" with one).
They are soft (after a few washes). 
They are cute.

They are kind of expensive

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