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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ribs Ribs Ribs

Ribs might be one of my favorite foods.  Which is odd seeing as I'm not the biggest fan of meat in general.  I have had my fair share of amazing fall of the bone ribs...and ribs that you have to chew on for a while like the crazy carnivore you are.

These right here folks can be described as the following...
Heaven sent.  Fall off the bone.  Lick your lips.  Scrumpshulescent.

Feast your eyes on these bad boys...

Shout out to Sarah for the great recipe!

BBQ sauce 

Put rub on both sides of ribs (pork ribs) and wrap them tightly in foil, you can even wrap them twice. Cook at 250 all day. Unwrap and slather on sauce and cook uncovered for about 1 hr. YUM
I cooked them on a cookie sheet even though they were wrapped in foil. I cooked them for about 7 hrs covered and then 1.5 hours with BBQ sauce and uncovered.

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