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Friday, April 6, 2012


Even as I type this I am pulling a hair off the keyboard. This post pregnancy hair loss is ridiculous. I had heard a little about it, but what I wish someone would have said is, "Carlie, congrats on the two new additions to your house...your baby...and Hairy McHairiton." And probably not even then would I have gotten the idea that it would feel like there was a long-haired sasquatch secretly following me around leaving endless amounts of hair everywhere.  The worst part is...I am my own sasquatch and there is nothing I can do about it!

Places I have found my hair (even after I have pulled out a ton and thrown it away at least 10x)

-in between my fingers and toes
-in between Cedar's fingers and toes
-in the clean clothes fresh out of the drier
-in between book pages
-in Cedar's diapers
-in Cedar's mouth
-all over Kade's shirts
-down my shirt
-CONTINUOUSLY tickling my arms
-all over the back and front of my shirt
-in our dinner the other night (GROOSSS, but at least I found it right? No. It's still gross.)
-in the diaper bag
-on my Moby Wrap
-on the keyboard
-all over the couch
-all over the papasan chair
-all over my bed
-all over the car floor
-clogging my shower drain

I hate you sasquatch hair nemesis.  Stop following me.

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  1. What?! Like clumps? I have heard of this too, but I don't think I have experienced it. I mean I am always losing strands and I am not the most observant when it comes to this kind of thing but I think I would notice if it were clumps....sorry I couldn't let you know about this one ahead of time!

    I am so glad you are documenting all this! I wish I did this, you seriously forget this stuff so soon after having a new baby- which is why I am sure so many of these things were not told to you ahead of time: we forget! Always busy with whatever stage or thing is happening in the present. I will definitely be referring to your posts with the next baby :) Love you!


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